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Redefining your style.


Jovani Men's Hair Stylist is one of Wellington's best and busiest shops. Locally owned and operated by two very own Wellingtonians, with four full-time barbers. The team is concentrated on offering the latest styles and cuts, with an attention to detail and desire to learn.

We see the client as more than just a haircut, and are driven on creating an experience and atmosphere that leads to long-lasting relationships between our barbers and those who choose to support us on our journey.




My names Ken, also known as Toof. I've been cutting hair for 8 years now, and was gifted my first pair of clippers by another well respected barber in the community, Mark. It all started as a hobby but didn't take me long to realise I had a passion for barbering, and I haven't put the clippers down since. I love this profession because you get to meet different people every day, and you never know who will sit in your chair next. I'm self-taught, I learn by watching others and love other barbers sharing their craft. There's always room to upskill and better your craft, as I believe you never stop learning. My dream is to open up my own barbershop, teach those who are eager to learn and to give back to the community.



Picked up the clippers about 5 years ago and fell in love with the craft. I learnt under one of the best Ghazi Al Jorani and continued to work with him for the next 4 years. I'm a huge believer in the fact that barbering is a job where you never stop learning. Now i've taken up an ownership role here at the shop and am striving to make this one of the best barbershops in Wellington.



I first started cutting hair while still in school to help the crew out and learn the craft. In my last year of school I was given the opportunity of work experience at Jovani's where I learnt and honed my skills under both Tim and Ghazi. Over time i've upskilled and am now proud to be a full time barber at Jovani's. I'm looking forward to bettering my craft whilst helping the shop to become one of the most successful in Wellington.

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